Introducing the Event & Incentive Agency Incentry

The people behind the ideas.

So, who are these people coming up with all these unconventional and unexpected ideas in our event & incentive agency? The ones transforming creative visions into smoothly running structures leaving nothing to chance? That incorporate technologies so futuristic they have yet to be implemented into normal life and create mind-blowing worlds of experience?

Just picture normal people at work behind the scenes of our agency. Ok, “normal” pertains mostly to how they look. Their thought processes on the other hand? Way outside the box.

We believe you are looking for precisely that. The unusual, the extraordinary, the incredible. That which makes your event stand out from the conventional. That which your employees will still be telling their grandchildren about years from now.

We can’t help you with straight-off-the-rack, standard events. The allure of the incredible is simply too great for us. And when it is all said and done, we want to leave lasting impression on people’s hearts and minds.

What makes us particularly exceptional? Our resourcefulness. Our persistence when the impossible has drawn its claws. Our love for detail (even with our need to keep the big picture in mind). Our excitability. Our talent for improvisation. Our team spirit.

Unique ideas for unique people.