See us as a companion at your side, we love to support you at your next event.

We like to fascinate people with powerful services.

We are proud to work with so many great companies. This is definitely due to our great passion for creating new things, inspiring our customers every time anew and, of course, our super dynamic team. Together with our highly motivated and creative team, we create unforgettable events, summer parties, kick-off meetings and roadshows, spectacular incentives and extraordinary team events. We are always at your side with help and advice and support you from conception and planning through to realisation as a full-service event agency.

Concept and solution design
We plan everything holistically and develop unique, individual and original events for this purpose. This always begins with particularly attentive listening on our part and ends with rapturous enthusiasm on the part of your guests.
Event and project management
If all the elements are to mesh perfectly at all times, it takes people like our Sally or our Tom, with their admirable ability to keep a firm grip on the big picture.
Event and brand staging
Whether it's a big theater or an intimate chamber play - we create the right storytelling for your brand, your product, your future and develop a coherent directorial concept at the same time.
Partners and locations
Knowing the right partners on site is at least as important as being able to call up the shortest or most beautiful route to the right hotspots blindfolded.
Artists and keynote speakers
Our portfolio of artists, keynote speakers, and other performance professionals is as long and comprehensive as the address book of ... well, you know the person! By the way, she is also on our list.
Celebrity management
Dealing with VIPs and celebrities often requires a lot of sensitivity. Appropriate background knowledge about likes and dislikes is part of the standard repertoire here.
Logistics management
Every event also always requires extensive and detailed planning for the transportation of people and things. From A to B, then via C to A, in between to D ... well, the whole alphabet most of the time!
Business-Travel in Salzburg and surroundings
We know the Salzburg and Salzkammergut region like the back of our hand. Here we are well connected and support you with know-how and know-where for your next business trip.
Digital media and content production
In addition to real life action, digital performance at events, meetings and incentives is always a source of fascination. Provided that someone masters the full range of technology and creative design!
Digital registration and communication solutions
From a certain size of an event and the number of visitors, technical support is essential at the entrance, exit and everything in between. and everything in between. How good that we have so much experience!

We like to fascinate people with strong performances.