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Unique ideas for unique people.

Never existed before. Never seen before. Never experienced before. Business events with Incentry create uniqueness. Learn more and make an appointment now!

Are you looking for an experienced and versatile event agency for your next business event? With the imperial city of Bad Ischl as our company location, the Salzkammergut and Salzburg represent our core region. This is not only where we work, but also where most of our employees live. And because we know this area particularly well, we also like to develop ideas for this region. Ideas that are unimaginable anywhere else in the world.

But we also let ideas mature here that are realized in Vienna, almost 200 kilometers away, or in Lisbon, 2,000 kilometers away. Or in Dubai, twice as far away. If you wish, at all three locations at the same time.

In any case, our basic attitude ensures highly innovative business events: We want to create unique, sensational events for you and your guests! That’s why we like to combine regional traditions with international positions. Stimulating landscapes with exciting adventures. The familiar with the unconventional. In doing so, we benefit from the fact that we are optimally connected with experts, insiders and door openers on location – wherever that may be.

Ultimately, we always work with the simplest principle in the world: an exciting story.

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Unique ideas for unique people.