Teambuilding event with the help of an exciting Rescue Mission!

With our challenge, not only will your teamwork and communication be improved,
but your leadership qualities and decision-making skills will also be strengthened. We offer you a great experience that is perfect for a little break during a business event.

Somewhere close to Vienna/Altaussee, there has been a helicopter crash. Imagine you and your team are the only ones on site who can work together to accomplish this mission and secure the missing black box. An adventure of a lifetime and an adrenaline rush for the entire team. At our team-building event, you will face a series of challenges. This mission will be accompanied by several outdoor trainers and led by a moderator. All trainers are specifically trained for this type of team-building event and are professionals in their field. The challenge will demand and promote teamwork, and the team will be provided with the necessary equipment on-site to solve all tasks and successfully complete the mission.

If you are interested in an adventure like this, just contact us, and we will be happy to advise you!

Find the black box.
as fast as possible!
Key learnings and debriefing.
after finishing the mission.
Equipment and safety gear.
will be provided.
The most important thing aside from the adventure.
is tasty food.


Barbara Rebhandl
Project Manager
+43 6245 23 517


  • Get-together and meet-and-greet with a welcome drink
  • Arrival with, for example, a quad to the challenge location
  • Necessary equipment will be provided on-site
  • Detailed introduction to the rescue mission with 4 trainers
  • Final BBQ + tasting possible
  • Special goodies such as branded miniature planes as souvenirs
  • Complete planning, coordination calls via Teams, and on-site support by Incentry
  • And much more, tailored to your personal requirements and wishes 


  • We would be happy to advise you on the right hotel selection if you are planning a multi-day event
  • Personalized welcome letter and guest gift for the guests in the hotel room Photo and video coverage of the event

Our specialists will be happy to help you.

Einzigartige Ideen für einzigartige Menschen.