Attractive Incentive Trips in Austria

Unforgettable experiences create team spirit.

Book an exceptional trip for exceptional employees! Austria, especially Salzburg and the Salzkammergut region, are predestined for exceptional. A destination that delivers year-round, this culturally and naturally rich area wants to be discovered during incentive trips throughout Austria on 365 days of the year. And because most of our team both work and live in the region, we know every little nook and cranny of this geographical powerhouse exceptionally well. Natural forces align here to create an inexhaustible spring of inspiration and passion. Throughout history, people have found and continue to find their creative, vital selves in this place. Your employees and customers will also find an emotional, social and cultural relevance to your brand in this place, a relevance that gives them newfound strength and inspiration.

With our vast know-how comes great know-where.

The Salzburg / Salzkammergut region is a geographical powerhouse both for locals and visitors year-round.


  • The festival city with numerous five-star hotels
  • The “Rome of the North”
  • Birthplace of Mozart and Karajan
  • Historic City Center— UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Five toque-awarded restaurants
  • Convention Center
  • The World of Sound of Music
  • 6 km from Bavaria


  • 76 lakes with drinking water quality
  • Austria’s most expansive network of active mountain pastures and cabins
  • Spectacular caves and climbing routes
  • Dachstein / Hallstatt – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Former vacation destination of Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Sisi
  • 200 cartographed “happy places”
  • Geographical center of Austria – Bad Aussee
  • European Capital of Culture 2024 – Bad Ischl

Unforgettable experiences create team spirit.